Clinical Supervision

Specialised  Clinical Supervision and Consultations

Clinical Supervision

Doctor Franks has completed specialist postgraduate training in the areas and provides consultations, supervision and mentoring in the following areas of clinical and forensic psychology:

  • Parent infant mental health 
  • Pregnancy, termination and Loss
  • Pediatric pain, 
  • Domestic, Family Violence and suicide
  • Personality disorders (clinical assessment and treatment)
  • child and adolescent mental health, assessment and treatment.
  • Risk assessments, 
  • Clinical and forensic single expert witness assessments for Court 
  • Frameworks for assessment and treatment: Schema, ACT and CBT, insight and relational based therapies, Psychodynamic psychotherapy, Systemic Family Therapy
  • Specialised Consultation for front line workers experiencing burnout, stress, Queensland Police Force, critical incidents and psychological injuries  (self-referral system).
  • Consultations/ supervision  for Independent Children’s Lawyers (ICL), care and protection, Federal and Family Court.
  • Reportable Family Therapy (court related matters)
  • Long term psychotherapy, 
  • Brief short term psychological focused therapy, 

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Consultation, Education, Workshops, Presentations


Consultation, Governance, Policy and Reform


Specialised  Clinical Supervision and Consultations 

Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner, Child- Inclusive Mediation, Co-Mediations


Providing Services to:

Educational and Training Institutions, Public and Private Healthcare Sectors, and Independent Practitioners.


G Dip (Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner), College of Law

Accredited Practitioner Attorney- General’s Department

B Bus (Human Resources), B Arts (Organsational Psychology)

Cert (Developmental Psychiatry)

G Dip (Prof. Psych.), G Dip (Parent Infant Mental Health)

M Psy (Clinical Psy), PhD,