Dr Sophia Franks

 Clinical Psychologist

Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner


 B Bus, B Arts, G Dip (Prof Psych), G Dip (Parent Infant Mental Health),

M Psy (Clin), PhD, Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDRP)


9am – 5pm




Australia Wide

 Services Provided:

Dr Franks provides consulting and development of models of care to government departments and tertiary training institutes, including Royal Children’s Hospital and Mercy Hospital for Women, Melbourne, to promote a shared understanding of developmental psychiatry, evidence-based best practice, screening and early intervention, to reduce childhood adversity and promote continuity of care.


Dr Franks is a highly regarded clinical psychologist, independent consultant for policy and reform in the government sector,  and specialised clinician in the private sector


Workshops and education
Governance Consulting in Mental Health, Risk, Care & Protection and family law
specialised Clinical supervision
Clinical Psychologist
Family Dispute resolution practioner
Child-inclusive mediation and co-mediation for parenting matters with expert determinations

Highly Regarded Consultant & Psychologist

Dr Franks has worked as a clinical psychologist for 24 years and specialises in assessing and treating parents, infants, children, adolescents, and families facing adversity and complex presentations. Endorsed by AHPRAH, she works in public policy, reform, and private practice and has worked across the Courts as a Single Expert Witness for the last eight years. She has assisted Independent Children’s Lawyers in understanding ‘the best interests of the child’, provided assessments for infants, children and their families with complex needs and trauma, and provided assistance to the government with systemic change and reform.

Clinical Appointments

Dr Franks provides clinical assessment and psychotherapy at Ramsay Psychology, consultation, and Family Dispute Resolution, as well as child-inclusive and co-mediations at her consulting rooms in Ballow Chambers, Wickham Terrace, Springhill, Brisbane.

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Dr Sophia Franks

Dr Sophia Franks is a member of the Resolution Institute, the Psychology Board of Australia, and the Australian and New Zealand Association of Psychiatry, Psychology and Law. She works closely with Independent Children’s Lawyers regarding cumulative risk and the best interests and welfare of children. She works across the Courts in the Federal and Family Court of Australia, Magistrates Court of Australia and in Children’s Court (care and protection), proceedings. Dr Franks is an expert in her field, providing specialist assessments as ‘the expert’ to the Court on matters requiring complex case management, such as the Magellan and Evatt lists, intimate partner violence, substantiated abuse and complex family reunification cases. 

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Consultation, Education, Workshops, Presentations


Consultation, Governance, Policy and Reform


Specialised  Clinical Supervision and Consultations 

Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner, Child- Inclusive Mediation, Co-Mediations


Providing Services to:

Educational and Training Institutions, Public and Private Healthcare Sectors, and Independent Practitioners.


G Dip (Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner), College of Law

Accredited Practitioner Attorney- General’s Department

B Bus (Human Resources), B Arts (Organsational Psychology)

Cert (Developmental Psychiatry)

G Dip (Prof. Psych.), G Dip (Parent Infant Mental Health)

M Psy (Clinical Psy), PhD,